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WELLLLLL, my name is Monica Kelly Hairston; I'm 16 years old and live in Virginia USA. Most people say VA isn't that popular, lol I think I have to agree also. But I think since Pharrell came out it's more popular here (you reppin' baby!). Since then Jay-Z, Ashanti, R.Kelly, Kanye, Fat Joe, Terror Squad and others have been here. So all those people that say VA isn't doing a damn thing, whatevea!
But *clears throat* anyway, I have two sisters, and one brother. I live with both of my parents, but have been thinking about moving out since the age of 13. Some female friends that I know are 16 or older and live on their own. I love the idea of being independent, after living with someone for so long they start to really get on my nerves.
But anyway I love this whole idea of LJ, lol there's less of a chance my mom can go and look through my journal now. :p

My Loves

ÞA Proud Janet Damita Jo Jackson Fan!


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Name: Monica K. Hairston
Location: VA, USA
Age: 16
Siblings: Glenna(mother), Joseph(father),Courtnie(sister),Nikki(sister),Joe(brother), Chrissy(cousin), Jessica(cousin), Shayla(cousin).
Owns: Michael Jackson:Dangerous, Bad, Love Songs, Thriller, Off The Wall, History, OTW(Special Edition) History Volume I(VHS), Dangerous The Short Films(VHS). Janet Jackson: Control, Rhythm Nation, jANET., A Design Of A Decade(DVD), Runaway LP,The Velvet Rope, All For You, Damita Jo. Jackson Five: Anthology 1&2, The Millennium Collection

Shout Outs

* Shayla-keep doing your thing girl!

* Jennifer- keep being a cool friend

* Tiffany- love ya girl. I'll be there when you need it. Remember that.

* Azia- lol lord, stay crazy.

* Hope- thanks for helping me when I need it the most.

* Cindy- heeeeey. lmao

* Daniel- hey try to be nice once in your life.

* Lewis- glad you're feeling better! Keep staying cool Lew!

* Megan- love you girl.

* Claudia- turn on your cell phone girl! Love ya.

Michael and Janet are Sibling!Love